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Yasue Okai (JPN, 1908-Present)

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Yasue Okai was born on 25 November 1908 in in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. After her marriage, she ran a button shop in Higashiosaka together with her husband Heizaburo. She had a bright and sociable personality, and she was active as a PTA officer at her children’s school. She was also the female head of temples and community events.

Yasue Okai currently lives at a nursing home in Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture (JPN) where she has lived since she was around 108. She has been the oldest known living person in Higashiosaka since 2017. 

As of November 1, 2022, Mrs. Okai was the 11th-oldest validated living person in the World, the 5th-oldest validated living person in Japan, the 3rd-oldest validated living person in Osaka Prefecture.

Ms. Okai around her 50s (on the front right), with her husband Heizaburo:


Ms. Okai (aged 97, on the left) with her younger sister:


Ms. Okai celebrating her 100th birthday in 2008:


Ms. Okai celebrating her 107th birthday in 2015:


Ms. Okai (aged 109) in October 2018:


Ms. Okai (aged 110) with her family in October 2019:

Ms. Okai (aged 112) in February 2021:

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