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[Sticky] GSF E-Mail Problems

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Dear all,


The Admin team has been notified that our e-mails are no longer being sent out. After having done some research, this turns out to be true. In practice, this means that new members cannot log in, and that regular members are no longer notified after having received a private message.


In order to solve these problems, we have contacted the platform that takes care of the backend of the website to resolve this matter. Until we have received a reply - and we are expecting this to be a lengthy process - we have set up a separate e-mail account through which we will actively approach new members, so they can finish their registration process. This e-mail account is [email protected] , which you can also contact if you experience any other problems.


For the time being, we apologise for the inconvenience. Nonetheless, we hope you will continue to enjoy GSF as you have done before.


Kind regards,

the Admin team

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