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Oldest person by year of birth in France?

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Is there anyone who has a list on the oldest person by year of birth in France? As far I can see, 1880 was the last year that didn't produce a supercentenarian, but who was the oldest person that was born that year?

Birth yearNameBornDiedAge
1874Eugénie Roux1874-01-241986-06-20112,40
1875Jeanne Calment1875-02-211997-08-04122,45
1876Marie-Louise Jeancard1876-09-051988-11-25112,22
1877Maria Mougin1877-06-251987-11-17110,40
1878Joséphine Choquet1878-06-061991-02-14112,69
1879Mathilde Gauchou1879-03-191990-12-30111,78
1881Pauline Chabanny1881-08-201994-08-13112,98
1882Marie-Anna Higelin1882-11-181994-03-21111,34
1883Marguerite Petit1883-07-031995-12-21112,47
1884Célestine Colombeau1884-02-171996-05-09112,22
1885Bernard Delhom1885-07-091996-02-07110,58
1886Marie Brémont1886-04-252001-06-06115,12
1887Henriette Mégevand1887-06-241999-01-07111,54
1888Germaine Haye1888-10-102002-04-18113,52
1889Blanche Grosdidier1889-10-032001-10-10112,02
1890Anne Primout1890-10-052005-03-26114,47
1891Yvonne Bory1891-03-142003-08-07112,40
1892Camille Loiseau1892-02-132006-08-12114,50
1893Léone Péré-Pucheu1893-08-132006-04-06112,65
1894Clémentine Solignac1894-09-072008-05-25113,71
1895Anna Roux1895-07-132007-12-25112,45
1896Mathilde Gratry1896-05-102008-01-10111,67
1897Olympe Pidancet1897-01-242009-02-19112,07
1898Marie-Thérèse Bardet1898-06-022012-06-08114,02
1899Catherine Soiron1899-07-312011-01-31111,50
1900Paule Bronzini1900-07-072012-08-29112,15
1901Marie Liguinen1901-03-262015-04-02114,02
1902Marguerite Conrad1902-03-152014-01-26111,87
1903Honorine Rondello1903-07-282017-10-19114,23
1904Lucile Randon1904-02-112023-01-17118,93
1905Jeanne Bot1905-01-142021-05-22116,35
1906Valentine Ligny1906-10-222022-01-04115,20

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You can download all the death reports from INSEE at https://www.insee.fr/fr/information/4769950

They can be sorted in Excel by datenaiss so it does not take long to go through the most likely files. I found two potential SCs but they need validating. You could check if their dates have been included in the IDL data at https://www.supercentenarians.org/en/data-and-metadata/ . If they are not real there are a few 109 year olds in the files

CHEVALIER*CLAUDIA/ 2 18800601 71123 CHENAY-LE-CHATEL 19901219 71275 55
BERGER*MELANIE/ 2 18800618 23056 CHATELUS-LE-MARCHEIX 19910826 94038 138

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@930310 The oldest from 1880 is Marthe (Noël) Portalier (09/04/1880 - 20/02/1990) ; 109.317

@pgibbs Both are errors. The first was 92 and the second 106.

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