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Fumi Hoshino (JPN, 1908-2022)

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Yumi wrote: I would like to post photos and biography of Ms. Fumi Hoshino, who was the oldest person in Tokyo whose age was validated by GRG on August 25, 2022.

Fumi Hoshino was born on October 30, 1908, as the eldest daughter of the chief priest of Zuikoji Temple in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo. She had two younger brothers and one younger sister.
After graduating from elementary school, she entered a girls' high school (currently a middle and high school). In addition, after she graduated from girls' high school, she went to a teacher training school (currently the university's education department) and graduated.
She worked as a home economics teacher at a girls' high school in Tokyo until she was 60 years old.

She was unmarried and had no children. 
When she was 80 years old, she moved to a nursing home in Edogawa Ward and lived alone until then.
She was a heavy smoker and smoked until about the age of 95, but she had terminal lung cancer and was told by doctors that she had only six months to live, so she quit smoking. And after that she was naturally cured of her cancer.

Her personality was cheerful. She liked to make people laugh and often told jokes.
Her favorite foods were raw tuna, kabayaki eel, and Oronamin C (a carbonated drink), which she ate and drank at the age of 113.

Aged 106

Around 110 years old

Aged 111

Aged 112

Her 113th birthday

On the day of Ms. Fumi Hoshino's 112th birthday, I contacted the nursing home where she lived (thanks to the discovery of hydepark) and had been communicating with her family.

On her 113th birthday, I sent her flowers on behalf of GRG (Japan).

A few days before the date when her listing for WSRL was being considered, I received word of her critical illness and I have personally continued to pray for her recovery. However, it is truly sad that she passed away on August 23rd due to pneumonia caused by Covid-19, and it was very unfortunate that she was not featured in the WSRL while she was alive.

Her family and nursing home had been very kind since our initial contact in October 2020 and we are very grateful for their cooperation.

Her funeral will be held tomorrow at the temple where she was born.
Rest in Peace, the oldest in Tokyo and lovely lady, Ms. Fumi Hoshino.💐
Persone viventi più longeve in Italia – Supercentenari d'Italia (

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Article about her:
Persone viventi più longeve in Italia – Supercentenari d'Italia (

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