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Great Grandma Wad the Cat (THA, 1986?-Present)

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Great Grandma Wad is a cat from Thailand, whose owners apparently claim that she was born on 10 October 1986, and apparently if she is still alive, her age would be currently 36 years & 292 days old making her the 2nd longest lived cat in history, behind only Creme Puff's age of 38 years & 3 days. However, she was last reported to be alive on 19 March 2021 at the age of 34 years & 160 days, which she would still be the 5th oldest cat in history behind Creme Puff, Baby, Puss, and Ma. 


I have found several sources from different websites in 2022 and 2023 claiming that she had died, but the cause of death was inconsistent. A couple claimed that she had been hit by a car, one said she was hit by a tractor, and a few said she was mauled to death by dogs. Now these are not reliable websites. A few other websites mention her still living in 2023 and Wikipedia lists her as living. Does anyone know any further information?


If Great Grandma Wad is still living, she could potentially be the oldest living cat in the world. The current oldest living cat whose age has been fully authenticated by Guinness World Records is Flossie who is living in the United Kingdom at the age of 27 years & 6 months. 


I do find it strange that since 4 July 2020, the oldest living dog (Bobi, b. 05.11.1992) has been older than the oldest living cat. This is the first time in history that the oldest living dog is actually older than the oldest living cat, and by quite a difference as well. 

Bobi the Dog born: 11 May, 1992

Flossie the Cat born: 29 December, 1995

Surely there must be a cat out there older than Flossie...

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Bobi the dog, and that cat for that matter, or almost certainly frauds.

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