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Top 10 Oldest Living Men in Denmark

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Top 10 Oldest Living Men in Denmark (as of 1st March 2024)

1. Jens Peter Westergaard (Othello, Fredericia) (b. 26 April 1914), 109 y.o. 
2. Knud Gustav Krejsgaard (Solhjem, Melby, Halsnæs) (b. 31 January 1918), 106 y.o.
3. Aksel Gunnar Pedersen (Wiedergården, Dragør) (b. 26 May 1918), 105 y.o.
4. Anonymous (Skibinge, Præstø, Vordingborg) (b. September 1918), 105 y.o. 
5. Anonymous (Køge, Køge) (b. February 1919), 105 y.o.
6. Anonymous (Sankt Olai, Helsingør) (b. June 1919), 104 y.o.
7. Anonymous (Sankt Katharine, Ribe, Esbjerg) (b. July 1919), 104 y.o.
8. Anonymous (Ramme, Lemvig) (b. September 1919), 104 y.o.
Anonymous (Lundehus, København) (b. December 1919 in Vietnam), 104 y.o.
9. Anonymous (Ishøj) (b. January 1920), 104 y.o.
9. Anonymous (Skelager, Aarhus) (b. January 1920), 104 y.o.

UR Anonymous (Ansgars, Odense) (b. February 1920), 104 y.o.
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Børge Pedersen died on 24 Feb 2024 at 106 years 29 days, making him the 46th oldest man in the history of Denmark, he was the 12th oldest man in the Nordic region, do you know who the new top 10 is?



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Five days ago, Jens Peter Westergaard surpassed Georg Jensen's age to become the oldest male resident of Denmark ever. 

Let's keep our fingers crossed he reaches his 110th birthday at the end of the month, and thus becomes the first male supercentenarian of the country.

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