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Harold Bracher (UK, 1904-2016)

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Harold Lauter Bracher (30 November 1904 - 13 April 2016) was a British supercentenarian who was the oldest known living man in the United Kingdom at the time of his death. He remains a highly enigmatic case to this day, as no photos of him are known to exist publicly. However, I've uncovered some info about his family history:

The most interesting thing I learned about him was that his father, Lauter Sidney Bracher (1969-1939), was born in the United States and moved to Britain in 1894, and would marry Edith Marie Bessie Lee (1881-1974) in 1903, one year before Harold's birth. They would ultimately divorce in 1910, and Sidney moved to France, where he would later die in a French psychiatric hospital at the age of 70. 

Harold married Marjorie E Irvine (1904-1988) in 1935, but it seems like they didn't have any children. This combined with him being an only child might partially explain why there aren't any actual reports on him, since he didn't have any close relatives. 

In lieu of any actual photos of Harold, there are public photos of a few of his American ancestors, namely his paternal grandparents and aunt.

Thomas W Bracher (1844-1899):

Elizabeth Bracher (1844-1924):

Ida Catherine Bracher (1874-1961):

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I did a search on Find My Past, and Harold and Marjorie likely had a daughter named Caroline M Bracher in 1941, mother's maiden name Irvine - Harold Bracher and Marjorie Irvine are the only people with those surnames to marry.

Caroline Bracher married Norman T Barlow in 1967, but they had no children. She remarried in 1977 to Stephen J Hayward, they also had no children. I don't know if she is still alive, but I can't find any death records for her in the UK, so she is either alive or has died abroad.

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