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Helena Barbera Maria Mackenbach (NED, 1912-2023)

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An extensive article about Mrs. Mackenbach was published on 13 December. It was written by someone who knew her personally for a long time, and visited her regularly (for the last time on 17 November). It turns out that she passed away on 6 December 2023.
Due to hemophilia, two of the four Mackenbach children died quite young. Heleen's sister Diny died in 2018, 99 years old.
Mrs. Mackenbach was a devoted catholic, and because any of her possible children could also develop hemophilia, Heleen and Diny decided to never get married...
They also decided to live together.
On her last birthday, she received many postcard from former pupils; Heleen used to be a teacher.
Although she spent her last years in bed, Mrs. Mackenbach's physical condition was quite good. Her mental condition had detoriated recently, and in the last week of November, she was affected by pneumonia.
Her niece and nephew were at her bed side on her last evening.

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