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Madeleine Dellamonica (FRA, 1912-Present)

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French Egyptologist Madeleine Dellamonica, who was thought to be still alive due to the absence of death report, has been successfully confirmed alive thanks to her great-grandaughter.

She was born in Paris on 23 July 1912 and currently lives in Le Vésinet, Yvelines, France, aged almost 112.

Madeleine graduated from the Louvre school and has written several works on ancient Egypt, the last of which was published in 2009.
Her last appearance in the press was in 2012, when she was with two of her childhood friends, also centenarians, but who have since died.

French Wikipedia

Article from "Le Vésinet Magazine", December 2012, p. 8


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A big thank you to the hard-working French team.

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