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Maria Gabriella Lerchenthal (GER/ITA, 1913-Present)

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Prof. Maria Gabriella Lerchenthal vid. Serra Borneto is a German-born Italian supercentenarian who is currently the second-oldest living person in Rome (Lazio Region, Italy) after Ms. La Morgia.

She was born in Munich, Germany, on 8 June 1913. In 1931, after completing high school, she emigrated to Italy and graduated from university in Rome. She worked as a university professor in Rome.

At the age of 110 y. 5 m., Prof. Lerchenthal still lives in Rome, and is among the top 15 oldest residents of Italy. She is the second-oldest German emigrant in the world after Ms. Meingast, 111.

Picture of Prof. Lerchenthal some years ago.

Prof. Lerchenthal has not been reported in the media; she was confirmed privately alive as of 27 November 2023 thanks to a chat between me and her son, Dott. Serra Borneto.
Persone viventi più longeve in Italia – Supercentenari d'Italia (

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