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Mrs. Batuli Lamichhane's age

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How old do you think she is?

I voted for 119 years, & 318 days which matches her March 23, 1903 census record. 

Hopefully her age can be determined soon!

Yes, this is an extremely unlikely age and is based on pure GUESSING, which is all we have for now, I have high confidence she is 119. If Tanaka can reach 119 and Randon get close to 119 in the 2020s, then it is possible for Lamichhane to do the same. I however think she is with 99.9999% certainty younger than 121. Just my opinion.

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I voted for 110-114 because the average marriage age for women in Nepal in 2016 was 20.1 ... and her eldest son was born in 1930 and one of her other sons was born in 1940 so her being born in the late 1900s or possibly even early 1910s it not slim in my opinion. I think that she could have been born around mid 1900s to early 1910s so she might still be a supercentenarian just not as old as she claimed. She might have confused her birth date with someone else or another relative. Just my two cents. So she could have been born around the year 1910.