LongeviQuest is now a data provider to The Buck Institute For Research On Aging in Novato, California. The data provided by LongeviQuest will be anonymized, with personally identifiable information redacted.

About The Buck Institute
Founded in 1999, The Buck Institute is one the world’s leading research facilities focused solely on aging. The Institute’s mission is to increase the healthy years of life.

About LongeviQuest
Founded in 2022, LongeviQuest is a research company focused on the world’s oldest people, primarily “supercentenarians” who have reached the age of 110.

Statement from LongeviQuest CEO Ben Meyers
“The Buck Institute For Research On Aging has been at the forefront of longevity science for a generation. Their motto – ‘live better longer’ – is personified by supercentenarians, most of whom enjoy a high quality of life well past their 100th birthday. The Buck Institute is uniquely equipped to apply the many lessons we can learn from supercentenarians.”