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Hello, I was wondering if anyone has access to the Gerontology Fandom Site? I noticed that the page on Living Longevity Claims hasn't been updated in a long time, and has some known false cases on it. I did some "weeding" out.

- Maria Antonia Cuero (Had her last child at 53)

- Hussain Ali Missaoui (Family admits he might only be 105. He himself doesn't know his exact age)

- Jesus Elias Loaiza Arenas (Using birth certificate of brother. Only 102)

- Zhang Meiyu (Fraudster)

- Rosa Velandia (If it's true that the age of her children would have made her over 60 when they were born, then she's definitely not an SC)

Removed for Limbo:
- Rehtee Begum
- Masoko Lebea
- Hadda Kessou
- Aboy Teklu Keleta
- Dulcenia Laerte
- Siti Liah Mamat
- Catarino de la Cruz
- Anonymous man from Tabasco
- Anonymous woman from Brazil
- Otacilia Lima
- Maris Luisa
- Judite Simoa
- Neci Ferreria Lima
- Juana Cruz Martinez
- Amelia Macoo
- Antonia Gomes
- Luiza Abilio de Fritas

- Guadalupe Garcia, F, 118 (Mexico)
B. 13 December, 1904

- José Jimenez, M, 117 (Panama)
B. 5 June, 1906


If anyone could please make these changes, I would greatly appreciate it! I would do it, but I have no idea how to edit the site.


Thank you!