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@josia9353 I really have no idea what you're talking about, but it's not the first time, I'm accustomed to it...

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@024tomi the same for me about josia9353 (I always read his posts on the 110 Club)....
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Ah, maybe I've been getting this all wrong. I thought the ultimate agenda was to dispel wrong claims, am I wrong? If I'm not wrong, how can anyone here be against it?? (If it's not clear enough that these cases are indeed (very) wrong, that's a big problem obviously :p)


@josia9353, you've been getting it all wrong. ReZet's forum/wiki talks about people who have never really existed, but it makes use of photographs of people who have actually existed.


It would be like making an encyclopaedia entry for a Lars Larsson, a person who's never existed, having invented an electric toothbrush with a smartphone built inside it so you can phone others whilst brushing your teeth (an invention that's never happened), and using a picture of Albert Einstein to identify this fake Lars Larsson figure.

Overduidelijk misschien.

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Please can we just stop talking about this, this wiki is for REAL centenarians, the fake one is for fake people, so let's just go back to researching and doing things for REAL PEOPLE AND CENTENARIANS, NOT MY FAKE ONES. Now let's please just do what we did before this controversy: actually talk about real people. I may leave if this gets out of hand.

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@024tomi Oh yeah, no I hadn't checked it out and I totally misinterpreted it. Please ask if you don't understand sth btw! I love to elaborate 🙂

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@rich_villa Why are you complaining? You wanted a forum for fake centenarians, people said it was a bad idea, you made said forum anyway and people said that it was still a bad idea. You must be open to accept criticism, otherwise you'll never grow as a person.

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