Why are not so many...

Why are not so many SCs from South Korea?

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I find interesting that South Korea, a rich country from Eastern Asia, has not many known SCs. But Japan, a country located in the same area and with similar wealth and development, reports lots of SC cases per year.

Why is this? Maybe it's because the birth certificates from Korea are not as complete as the japanese ones?

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I'm pretty sure there have been many dozens of Korean supercentenarians, possibly over a hundred. The reason we don't know about them is partly because, as far as I know, there are no periodical official lists published, and nobody from Korea (who could've potentially researched them in local media) has ever been the part of our "Western" community (based around the GRG and The 110 Club, originally).

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It amazes me how poor the Korean Wikipedia oldest people's article is...Lucile Randon and Sarah Knauss' page still not exist in Korean Wikipedia. A Japanese user is maintain the only one supercentenarian ranking table on Korean Wikipedia.

There are people in Japan, Taiwan, and China who have a strong interest in supercentenarians, but I feel that there are none in Korea, which I feel it is one of the biggest mistery in the global fan community.

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