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A few months ago on the 110 Club the claim of Paul Napoleon Ryder (né Reiter; claimed 7 March 1892 – 31 December 2001) was discussed. At that point I didn't know of any documentary evidence supporting his age, other than a few newspaper articles from the 50s, which implied a birth in 1893 (aged 61 in 1955). However his age was not the main point of the articles so at the time it wasn't much of a lead to go on. There was also a Geni profile with the names of some relatives (

I've now found some more information that could shed some light on his true age. First, a baptismal record from 1915 in Vienna - his name is given as Napoleon Boleslaus Reiter and his parents are said to be Leopold Reiter and Sofia Weinberger, which matches with the Geni profile. His place of birth is given as Tysmenytsia in present-day Ukraine, not Bucharest as previously thought. His birth date is also given as 7 May 1892 - not 7 March 1892, though as this record is still from 23 years after his birth I don't think it can be considered concrete proof of his birth being on that date. The record is also in German - which I'm not fluent in - so it's possible I've missed something.

A brief court transcript featured in a news article gives some more insight into his life: namely that he was a university graduate, and that he had worked in Poland, Belgium, and Romania:

Notably, a birth date of 7 May 1892 would've made him the oldest living man in the UK for over a year. 



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