The oldest old woman in Cuba dies at almost 115 years
The centennial woman was fifty years old when Fidel Castro came to power on January 1, 1959, seeing the end of the historical period of the Republic of Cuba in full maturity.

The oldest old woman in Cuba, Emilia 

The oldest old woman in Cuba, Emilia Tejeda Tejeda , died this Saturday at the age of 115 in the municipality of Niquero, in Granma.
“The oldest old woman in Cuba, who lived in Niquero, has just passed away. Emilia Tejeda Tejeda, the oldest old woman in Cuba, and possibly in the world: 114 years, 10 months and 20 days," journalist  Alberto Ortiz Peralta said on social networks .

The news was confirmed by a great-grandson of the centennial woman, who specified that the burial took place in the afternoon in that town.

"Today my family is in mourning, since last night at 11:00 a person who is very dear to the town and my family said goodbye: my great-grandmother Emilia Tejeda Tejeda, better known to all as mom," said the Facebook user identified as Yoel . Sanchez Martinez .

Emilia maintained "her mental capacity until the last minute," said the journalist from the community television channel Portada Visión de Niquero. Her longevity and her lucidity were the work of a "miracle," said Ortiz Peralta, who praised "the greatness contained in the best human values" of the old woman.

Almost 115 years old – she would have turned them at the end of June – Emilia was born months before the victory of José Miguel Gómez , of the Liberal Party, in the presidential elections of November 14, 1908.
“Emilia was born on June 29, 1908. At the moment, she leads the list in one of the top three places in Cuba for longevity. This day [June] 29, she would be turning 115 years old, ”said her great-grandson.
The centennial woman was fifty years old when Fidel Castro came to power in January 1959, seeing the end of the historical period of the Republic of Cuba in full maturity. From “shark gets wet, but it splashes”, Emilia saw the end of “the fun” with the establishment in Cuba of a totalitarian regime at the hands of the “commander” who landed in Niquero in December 1956.
“In the community of El Hondón, in the municipality of Niquero, Granma province, there are no words from the people and family to express so much pain for the loss of their mother, but at the same time with the joy of living the very real story of seeing a person of more than a century of life. Rest in peace my great-grandmother, my old lady, bye-bye mom, ”said Sánchez Martínez in his emotional publication.
In June 2018, the Cuban María Emilia Quesada Blanco ,  considered on the island as the oldest person in the world, died . With 117 years and 5 months, María Emilia was known in her land as "La Primorosa" or "The jewel of Monserrat".
In March of this year, the Catalan María Branyas celebrated her 116 years as the world's longest-lived person, heading the classification of the world's longest-living people by the Gereontological Research Group. 
"I had to reach an advanced age to learn to appreciate silence...", the woman wrote on Twitter, who in January saw herself as the oldest person on the planet after the death of the French Lucile Randon, who until At the time, he was in first place.

"Why am I still here? The people around me have been dying. When will I die? What is the reason for being alive? The world has tired me because I am sitting here doing nothing," Johanna Mazibuko declared before dying, a South African born on May 11, 1894 who died in March of this year at the age of 128 without being recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the longest-lived person in the world.