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I got 2 comments on my social media recently. Yesterday, a user commented that he was in contact with Santos Cruz Flores's grandson and he did indeed pass away. Today, I received another comment saying that this person also had contact with the grandson of Santos Cruz Flores and he is still alive, and still able to walk. 


Obviously, someone is trying to bait me into releasing false information. I don't know what is true anymore. When I has been communicating in early 2024 with Santos's grandson, I found that it was a 2nd account with the same name and picture. Either someone stole his identity, posed as him under a 2nd account, and left tons of comments pretending to be him announcing the passing of Santos Cruz Flores, or his grandson had 2 identical accounts. I found this a bit suspicious, as the 2nd account had no personal information attached to it. 


I really don't know what to think or do, but from now on I will let the gsf handle these matters. I won't post any further updates on supercentenarians, unless it is from a news source, or Facebook post.


And furthermore, there is a certain person that I suspect of doing this, because they have baited me before with false information and alternate accounts. I have no proof that it is this person, but I have raised my concern to one of the admins. Stay safe, and protect yourself from trolls.


- Aquanaut

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