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Publishing PMs: Go or No-Go?

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As I feel that it is my job as the admin to also reflect on my own behaviour (that mirror I've referred to), I'd like to discuss the following:


As you know, I have removed the original PM that was published by Ryoung122, feeling it invaded someone else's privacy.

I've had messages of support for this action, but I've also heard that in this case Ryoung122 had a point (saying it was appropriate to indeed publish a PM that crossed a - legal - boundary). (Because, yes, this specific PM was way out of line and left me feeling disgusted. Nobody should ever deserve such treatment.)


So here's the thing... I should learn from this for the future, and I am therefore asking you guys for feedback. How should I deal with such a situation should it ever occur again in the future? WP Foro has some clear rules about privacy - hence me moving the post - but would a situation like the one that's occurred indeed overrule the protection of someone's private correspondence?


Hoping to hear from you.

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Just as one single opinion, I don’t believe PM’s should be published.

if something was extremely bad it could be dealt with by the Admin via Forum suspensions, or it could also go to police or lawyers etc, at the discretion of either the Admin, or the recipient of the message.

But this of course doesn’t involve publishing it.

This suggestion should guarantee the privacy of PM's for all - but allow for appropriate action if that medium is used inappropriately.