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As you all have seen, I have been kind of quiet about posting my research on here, as I have learned that not every thing needs a post. I mainly use the forum for other uses, but this deserves a post.

An unvalidated supercentenarian man, who I have spoken about here on this forum, had the issue of a possible identity switch with his nephew. Well, that changes today! I was able to track down this nephew of his, and prove once and for all that they are two different men! I have located all the necessary documents for this nephew of his, to prove he is a different person.

There are no other people in this man's family that are a potential candidate for an identity switch. I have done research on his siblings and family, and there's no one else he could've gotten mixed up with. I'm not saying his case is completely true, but now I am 100% sure that he is not a case of identity theft/switch.ย 

I am not going to reveal which case I'm talking about for privacy reasons, but this changes the entire course of his case.ย 

- A.C.

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