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Dear new member,

Welcome to the Global Supercentenarian Forum! We are happy to see you having joined our community, and having become part of the world of supercentenarian tracking. As a means of introduction, please allow us to lay out a number of rules and guidelines.

  1. A member should be at least thirteen (13) years old – any accounts of younger members will be suspended.
  2. This is an international forum with members from all around the world. These members all have different mother tongues, religions, genders, sexual preferences, and customs and traditions. Therefore please show respect towards other members and treat them the way you wish to be treated. Discrimination on the basis of gender, race (also known as racism), sexual preference, or ableism is not allowed on this forum and will lead to a ban. In fact, all types of offensive and/or provocative posts will not be tolerated.
  3. English is the main language of communication on this forum, but please understand it is not everyone’s mother tongue. Therefore, be kind if someone makes mistakes or uses unconventional English to express their ideas. Obviously, though, profanity will not be allowed.
  4. This forum is first and foremost a fan forum for people interested in supercentenarians. It is not the place to sell one’s products or ideas. Therefore, advertising, spam, and/or self-promotion are not allowed on this forum.
  5. It is important to avoid copyright issues, so please always indicate a source for newspaper reports, images, videos, and other types of media.
  6. Show respect to supercentenarians by typing their names correctly. As this is an international forum, please use correct diacritics. For any names that have been transcribed to English, such as Japanese names, please also provide the supercentenarians’ names in the native language.
  7. In order to maintain a good overview of this forum and its threads, updates are restricted to one every month. Any unnecessary, intermediate updates will be deleted by administrators or moderators.
  8. In addition to updating, please also refrain from over-quoting. Make sure that you only quote the relevant part of one’s message in order to keep threads legible and condensed.
  9. As a last guideline, stick to the topic of the thread. Any off-topic messages will be moved to a more appropriate section of the forum.
  10. Finally, have a good time whilst exploring this forum! We hope you enjoy the world of supercentenarians as much as we do!


Kind regards,

the Admin and Moderators of this forum

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Dear all,


I have just moved a 'milestones' thread to the archive, prompting me to introduce a new rule:


11. Supercentenarians' lives are celebrated and appreciated for the number of days they have lived, not for the number of days they could possible (have) live(d). Please refrain from making milestone threads or "what if ..." comments.

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