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Antônia da Santa Cruz (BRA, 1905-2022)

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Antônia da Santa Cruz was born on a farm that then belonged to Queimadas, near Santaluz, Bahia, Brazil, on 13 June 1905.

She became the oldest validated living person in Brazil, as well as the third-oldest living validated person in the world, after the death of Francisca Celsa dos Santos on 5 October 2021.

Antonia da Santa Cruz lived with her 82-year-old daughter, Maria Medrado in Salgadalia, Conceicao do Coite, Bahia, Brazil, where she died of natural causes on 23 January 2022 at the age of 116 years, 224 days.


I'm staring this topic because I found an early-life photo of her, and I believe it was not found before:

Her first child was born in April 1936, so it's likely this photo was from the late 1930s. A bit eerie-looking photo if I may add...

I found the photo in this YouTube video, if someone wants to expand the gallery there's a lot of photos here.

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I screenshotted most of the photos from that video for my gallery on the 110 club from 2021, so I won't repost them. Instead, I'll post new photos of her that I've found over the past year.

Aged 108:

Aged 110:

Aged 111:

Aged 112:

Aged 113:




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