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Mauro Ambriz Tapia (MEX, 1897-2011)

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Mauro Ambriz Tapia (21 Nov 1897-18 Apr 2011) was a Mexican supercentenarian who is currently the oldest (known) documented man ever from Mexico. He was born in Panindícuaro, Michoacán, México on 21 November 1897, and was baptized on the same day. On 22 July 1925, at the age of 27, he married Celia Vidal. If validated, at the time of his death on 18 April 2011 at the age of 113 years, 148 days, he was the world's third-oldest documented living man, behind Horacio Celi Mendoza of Peru and Jiroemon Kimura of Japan. His death came just 4 days after the death of Walter Breuning. So far, only four photos of him are publicly known, but this will hopefully change eventually with family cooperation. His age is currently pending on LAS, as we still would like his ID card and death record for validation, but his case is already mostly complete.

Aged 113:


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Wouldn't he be the third-oldest man as Jiroemon Kimura was alive and older, as well as Horacio?

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Wouldn't he be the third-oldest man as Jiroemon Kimura was alive and older, as well as Horacio?




As a side note, it's interesting that Mauro Ambriz Tapia appears to be the last surviving person who had their own US WWI draft registration card (due to him having outlived Walter Breuning by four days). He was not a US citizen, but even resident "aliens" had their own cards for this back then:

It's certainly "our" Mauro since his card explicitly lists Epifanio Ambriz as his brother and since he's listed in the same location as Epifanio. IIRC, Epifanio Ambriz lived in that part of Iowa for most of the rest of his life, permanently staying in the US, unlike his younger brother Mauro.


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