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Tomas Pinales Figuereo (DOM, 1906-2020)

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Tomás Pinales Figuereo (31 March 1906 - c.24 September 2020) was a supercentenarian from the Dominican Republic whose age is currently pending on LAS. His final age was likely 114 years, 177 days, which, incredibly, is the same exact final age of A. R. O. (1902-2017), the oldest documented woman from the Dominican Republic, meaning that the Dominican longevity record could be shared jointly between the two. He was born in Bajos de Haina, San Cristóbal Province, Dominican Republic, in what is now called Itabo, where the Dominican Oil Refinery is presently located.

Some of his relatives include Melanio Paredes, former Minister of Education, and Rolando Guante, sports columnist for El Nacional. He worked at the Río Haina sugar mill until the early 1950s, where he nearly lost the thumb of his right hand due to an accident at work. He smoked in his younger years, but quit in 1992 after suffering from lung disease. He had 10 children: Nicanor, Adelaida, Paulino, Daniel, Carmen, Ramona, Joaquín, Lidia, Miladys, and Altagracita, who were all alive at the time of his 111th birthday in 2017. At the time, he was estimated to have 33 grandchildren, 59 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great-grandchildren.

Aged 100:

Aged 102:

Aged 105:

Aged 106:

Aged 107:

Aged 109:

Aged 110:

With his daughter, Adelaida:

A photo from his 111th birthday used to exist in this article, but it was unfortunately deleted.





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Posted by: @mendocino

A photo from his 111th birthday used to exist in this article, but it was unfortunately deleted.

Any chance of contacting the authors of that article to see if they could repost that photo? Or at least to share it with you, if that's OK?

He looked very strong at age 105. I'm not surprised that he subsequently lived for almost another decade.