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Tránsito Ayala de Aranda (COL, 1896-2010?)

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Tránsito Ayala de Aranda was born in Guepsa, Santander, Colombia, on 13 August 1896. At the some point, she moved to Suaita, Santander (ironically the birthplace of Sofia Rojas), where she met and married her husband, Isidro Aranda. They had seven children. She moved to Bogotá in 2007, where she lived in Chapinero.

Her age has been documented/verified by LAS from the very founding of the website, however, all the photos and the video report from 2008 were lost a long time ago. Luckily, someone had one of the photos saved. I'm not sure if they would be fine with posting their name here, but this individual finally ended our search for Mrs. Ayala's photo that started in like 2015 when Coyote77 posted about locating her baptismal record on the 110 Club.

Here is Transito Ayala at the age of 110 in August 2006:

We moved her to limbo list on LAS for now since the death date of 30 August 2010 is not yet 100% confirmed, so just in case... We know for sure she did reach 113 though, so that's the last confirmation date on the limbo list for now.

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