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Gerardina Sequeira Flores (NIC/CRI, 1914-present)

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Gerardina Sequeira Flores was born in Managua, Nicaragua on 26 May 1914. In her mid 40s, she moved to Costa Rica, and has lived there ever since. She currently resides in Los Chiles, Alajuela, with her daughter. She is currently the oldest documented Nicaraguan-born Costa Rican, which is a demographic that makes up around 10-15% of the country's population. 

She claims to be born on 23 April 1913, but her birth record shows that she's actually 13 months younger (she even had an older brother born in March 1913, making her claimed DOB impossible). Hopefully we'll get confirmation of her 109th birthday next month.

Article from yesterday

Photo from 23 Apr 2023:

Claimed 108th birthday:

Profile picture: Marita Camacho Quirós (1911-Present)

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