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Dr. Edit Beregi (1926-2023)

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I am sad to report that the most accomplished Hungarian centenarian researcher, Dr. Edit Beregi (3 March 1926 - c. 4 April 2023), has passed away at the age of 97.

Death report

She had a prolific career in the fields of gerontology and geriatrics. Besides working as a university teacher, she was the director of the (Hungarian) Gerontology Research Group between 1976-1993. She was also the president of the IAGG (International Association of Gerontology & Geriatrics) between 1993-1997, after many years being its general secretary.

In 1960, she was part of the team that examined 23 (out of the 34) Hungarian citizens aged 99 or older. In 1987, she led another research of 123 (out of 218) citizens aged 99 or older, concentrating on demographic, environmental and medical aspects. The studies made from these researches gained international fame.

She died just two years short of entering the age group that she devoted her life to.

May she rest in peace.
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Thank you for providing this update 024Tomi.

Dr Beregi was clearly a distinguished and very intelligent lady.

May she Rest In Peace.

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