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Engineer Lucio Chiquito Caicedo, who submitted his pHD thesis at 104, now turns 106.

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Lucio Chiquito Caicedo of Medellin, Colombia has turned 106 on 22 May 2022. At 104, he submitted his pHD thesis to the University of Manchester, England.
He received a masters degree from the university over seven decades ago. 
He's the founder of the largest public utilities company in Colombia, Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) (úblicas_de_Medell%C3%ADn)
He described himself as a problem solver and wanted to contribute to his nation and to the world, by solving a formula to make hydro electronics more efficient!
"My thesis is to determine the maximum amount of water that can be economically removed from a river for energy or for anything else," he said.
However, he is a little worried about how long the evaluation might take: “The last time I submitted something, it took 25 months for the subject discussion, and I had to write around 170 emails clarifying my points of views.”
One of the most influential figures in engineering in Colombia during the 20th century turned 106 this Sunday. This is the civil engineer Lucio Chiquito Caicedo, founding partner of Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) and other firms , such as Integral, Sedic, Camacol and the Antioquia School of Engineering.
“He is better than us. His mentality is impressive. He had, recently, some difficult days of health. But that memory that he has is perfect, ”said Carolina Mejía , one of his granddaughters.
Chiquito was born in Cali, in 1916, and graduated with honors from the Civil Engineering program of the Faculty of Mines of the National University, Medellin campus. By chance, he saw an advertisement in the press that allowed him to access a scholarship in England.
There he graduated as a Master of Science and Technology from the Institute of Science and Technology of the Victoria University of Manchester. Before the same university he presented in September 2020, at 104, his thesis to aspire to the title of Doctor.
“He has never been a person of excesses: very fond of healthy eating, exercise, rezanderito. He says that all of this has led him to reach that age. But what he mentions the most is that he lives with a busy mind, ”added his granddaughter, who explained that, at this point, Chiquito does not stop setting goals.
This engineer still thinks about writing articles, learning languages and solving problems. "He is very active. He gives a lot of support to Sedic, one of the companies he founded, in the auditing and design processes”.
There is also room for jokes, according to Carolina: "That folic acid helps you stay healthy or that bathing with cold water every day has influenced that." The celebration of Chiquito's life was twice: a family reunion on Saturday, with those closest to him, and another with friends and allies this Sunday.

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This is extremely impressive.