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Hello Everyone, I'd like to make an appreciation thread for @930310! I speak for everyone when I say we are so grateful to have 930310 here on the forum! She is extremely hard working, and dedicates her time to studying longevity and supercentenarians. 930310 is currently working on her master's degree, and we are all very proud of her! Earning a master's degree is no easy task, and requires lots of determination and hard work! We believe in you 930310! I know with certainty that you are going to tackle your college courses and that master's degree will soon be in your well deserved hands! And we are very proud of her recent work at the conference in Paris. Giving a speech in front of people takes courage and bravery. 930310's accomplishments are extremely admirable, and she has done all of this while giving her time and energy to the forums, and being a kind and generous team player! WE APPRECIATE YOU 930310!

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It’s also great to see some very major research work that J completed many years back (mainly on USA cases) are now being formalised.

These have reahaped our views on extreme longevity achievements, especially for those born in the 1870s and earlier.

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Thank you @aquanaut_chalk ! I actually already have one master's degree (gerontology) and am doing a second in public health currently. This is partially to pad my CV since I am looking for a PhD position but the competition is tough, so the more academic achievements the better. I also have a couple of papers in the pipeline concerning longevity and health. Paris was my first major conference where I presented orally. We had a poster session in Dublin, but I was not the main presenter that time.

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