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Appreciation Thread for diego

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Hello Everyone, I just wanted to make an Appreciation thread for @diego.

Ever since I been on this forum, diego has always been a great friend. He has been super motivating and always encouraged me to dig deeper in my research into unvalidated supercentenarians. He has always been very kind on the forum, and I've never seen him start drama with anyone. He is a terrific contributor as well. Like clockwork, he posts the latest news here, and on another forum. An extremely reliable contributor indeed! "We Appreciate You Diego!"

- A.C.

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Thank you very much @aquanaut_chalk, I'm really moved by your words, I'm really happy, I really appreciate you too, I love seeing your posts and I miss them when you're away, we need more people like you too, interested in knowing more about supercentenarians who haven't yet have been validated and may have their age discovered

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