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Earliest-Born person/people you've ever met?

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Who's the earliest-born person you've ever met?


Here's my list:

Ever - Elderly Neighbor (b. 1901)

In the Family - Great Aunt (b. 1904)

Currently Living - Elderly Neighbor (b. 1925)

My step-grandmother's step-father from Mexico came to visit the family in 2008, for what I believe was his 85th birthday. (I was a child, and only met him once as it was the only time he came to visit during my lifetime) If my memory is correct, he would be the oldest living person I know currently, being born in 1923. He still writes letters to the family.


I also knew other people born in the 1900s & 1910s decade:

- My Great Grandmother (b. 1908)

- My Great Grandfather (b. 1909)

- The grandfather of a friend (b. 1912)

- An elderly man from church (b. 1915)

- A great aunt (b. 1916)

My great grandfather had several sisters that I met during their many trips from Mexico when I was born, but I don't know the years of their birth. The two sisters that he had, that also lived in my country, were the great aunts I mentioned being born in 1904 & 1916.

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Emma Morano.

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Most likely the sister of my paternal grandfather (1910-2006). I have many photos with her as a baby/toddler. She would visit us along with other relatives and we would visit her too in her home, but I don't remember much of my interaction with her because I was very little. I remember quite clearly when I was told about her death because it was probably the first time I was coming into contact with the concept of death.

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I met my neighbor Serafina P. (1885-1986) for the first time when I was 5 and she was 97.

During my childhood I met several neighbors who were born in the years 1890-1891-1892-1893-1894-1895.

In 1985 I met my great-granny who was born in 1895.

My grandfather was born in 1898 and I live in the same home (he died at 93 when I was 14).

I met Zia Emma Morano who was born in 1899.

I met the brother of Eleonora Nora Casagrande (italian SCs of Sant' Olcese) who was born in 1899.

I met Maria Gravigi who was born in 1900.

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We moved to New Zealand when I was 4 years old (at the end of 1966).

We visited my mothers aunt and uncle โ€œNan and Bobโ€ who were both about 86 at the time, so would have been born circa 1880.

My great grandfather died a few months before I was born and ย I was told he was looking forward to meeting me as the first member of the next generation. So I just missed out on 1873.


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