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Terrible train crash in Greece

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A terrible train crash occured in Greece some days before. The death toll has already raised to 57, mainly young university students returning after three-day holidays and the Carnival celebrations. Τhree days of national mourning were declared in Greece and one day of national mourning in Albania.

This tragedy terrifies as anyone could be in the position of the victims and infuriates as it was fully avoidable. The security measures that existed were surreally outdated despite chronic warnings and complaints from workers' unions that never became publicly widely known and EU referring Greece to the EU Court for non-compliance with railway rules. 

This situation reminds of the tens of thousands of victims in Turkey due to the extreme earthquake and non-compliance with security rules by construction companies.

I hope such tragedies with people losing completely unfairly and unexpectedly their lives due to indifference and/or corruption will not be repeated... 😥

May all the victims rest in peace.  

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Very sad tragedy 😓

May all these victims rest in peace.

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