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Who are the strongest supercentenarians of 1909?

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Is 1909 a strong year?


Well, I have seen the latest photos of the supercentenarians from 1909, they seemed very good to me.


But I think some of them look fragile, for example.


Pearl Berg she uses an oxygen tube, but I see she smiles in her last photo.


I think Tane Matsubara and Masa Matsumoto seem fragile.


Juan Vicente Pérez Mora looks very good in his last photo.


Kane Tanaka (1903-2022) my favorite supercentenarian of all time.

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Charlotte Kretschmann is in my opinion the strongest SC of 1909.

Elizabeth Francis surprised me this year, I thought her health might have declined more but she is doing quite well and in stable condition like Fusa and JVPM (possibly Matsubara too)

Most of the others have been going through a steady decline

I hope someone makes to 4 Aug 2027 as that would be the farthest anyone has ever made it into a decade (Calment has the record despite her birth year ending in “5”)



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