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Kane Tanaka Conspiracy Theories

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Hey guys I just wanted to tell you that I been doing some digging and I have debunked a Kane Tanaka Conspiracy Theory and cast some humongous doubt on the other.

(The First)

Researcher Dr. Nikolay Zak has come forward with the theory that Kane Tanaka was confused with her adoptive daughter and was actually only 100 when she died. Now there is an overwhelming amount of proof that Tanaka WAS 119 when she died and did NOT get confused with her adoptive daughter.

Pictures of a young Tanaka match throughout the years and are consistent with an old Tanaka. Pictures of her in her 60s could in no way be confused with someone in her 40s.ย 

Just because having a daughter at 19 is uncommon doesn't mean it's impossible. Tanaka may have adopted the child when the child was say around age 4. This puts Tanaka at age 23.ย 

Not to mention there is a mountain of documents supporting Tanaka's age. She was with 100% certainty 119 when she died. Zak may have been right about Calment (but that's another can of worms) but I cannot believe that he would have the audacity to make a theory like this about Tanaka. He's saying that 19 is too young to adopt a child, and that Tanaka significantly changed throughout her life, both ideas which are nonsense. Just because he got some decent internet traffic on his theory about Calment doesn't mean everything that comes out of his mouth is pure gold.

Zak's Theory about Tanaka: DEBUNKED

(The Second)

There has also been a theory floating around on the internet that Mrs. Kane Tanaka is in fact alive and well, and that her family faked a death notice to stop them from receiving attention. I personally do not believe this theory and I think it is a band of trolls who published it.

I do not have 100% proof that this is false, but I cannot imagine that it could be true. Yes, I do understand that maybe her family would not want so much attention, but going so far to fake a death notice and fool the whole world is beyond me.ย 

I loved Kane Tanaka and that would be awesome if she was alive, and I could meet with her, but unfortunately I don't think she is any longer on this Earth. It broke my heart when Mrs. Tanaka passed away, but it breaks my heart even more that you have arrogant people like Zak who take a very respected elderly woman and come up with foolish theories and internet trolls that write false information to get media attention. I think this is cruel to be doing these kinds of things to Mrs. Tanaka who deserves much more respect than this.ย 

Unfortunately I did not get to meet her while she was alive on Earth, but I'll keep the memory of her alive in my heart forever. R.I.P. Mrs. Tanaka, a very kind-hearted and amazing woman, whom could never be replaced or forgotten. She was truly one of a kind. 😇

Internet Troll theory about Tanaka: DEBUNKED

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Honestly, both the Calment and Tanaka conspiracy theories strike me as being extremely loony. Perhaps not surprising that both of these conspiracy theories came from Russia. N.Z. can occasionally do good research, such as when he found or helped find an 1891 census directory of the 1890 US Census results from Sarah Knauss's county that listed Sarah (then known as Sarah D. Clark) as age 10, but all too often N.Z. is unfortunately full of crap, please forgive my language. ๐Ÿ™

If you want a verified SC for whom there actually are legitimate questions about an (accidental?) identity swap, Johnson Parks (1884?/1895?-1998) would be a great candidate for this.