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Luis Muñoz Cortes (CHL, 1892-1998?/2010?)

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Luis Muñoz Cortes was a supercentenarian claimaint from Chile, who claimed to have been born on 04 September 1892, and passed away on 18 April 2010 at the age of 117 years & 226 days. If his age is true, he would be the oldest man in history, being older than Jiroemon Kimura's validated record of 116 years & 54 days & Anisio Rodrigues Alves's pending record of 116 years & 229 days. He would have also been the World's Oldest Living Man and person from the death of Emiliano Mercado del Toro on 24 January 2007, till his own death on 18 April 2010. He would have been the last surviving person from 1892, 1893, & 1894. And as of April 2024, he would still hold a record as the 7th oldest person ever (being older than Violet Brown), and he would be the only man to have ever reached the age of 117.

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This is different here as it's not him claiming to be a supercentenarian, but if he actually died in 2010 at 117 and he didn't die earlier. He could be a different man who died in 2010 

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