Maftei Pop, (ROU, 1844?-1952)

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Mr. Maftei Pop was a Romanian longevity myth who claimed to have been born on 12 June 1804, and lived till 15 March 1952. Obviously he was NOT 147. Doing some research, I was able to find some websites that claim he was actually born on 12 June 1844 rather than 1804. (The websites said 40 years younger, so I'm assuming they meant to the day) Now I think it's very plausible this man made it to 107, which still would have been impressive for his time. Apparently in his old age he could still operate a threshing machine by hand, and carry heavy logs on his back. He could also walk 4km. I think it would be worth researching the Romanian documents available (I have no idea how to do that), to see if he may have actually been 107. I know currently the oldest man ever validated from Romania is Dumitru Comanescu, but Mr. Pop still may be among the oldest. I don't know what the minimum requirements for the top 10 oldest men ever from Romania is, but surely he was among this list at some point if his claimed age of 107 is true.

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"Maftei Pop claimed that he was born in the village of Valea Loznei, Salaj County, Romania on 12 June 1804. He was wandering around Transylvania, fleeing from his native village because he killed a young boy accidentally. He settled in Oşoi, CiubancuΘ›a, Cluj County, Romania at the age of 85")

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