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Rosa Grilo (ARG, 1908?-2023)

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Mendocino wrote:
Rosa Grilo - of Napalpi, Chaco Province, Argentina - sadly passed away yesterday at the claimed age of 115. She was born in Napalpi, Chaco Province, Argentina, and was a member of the Qom people, one of the largest indigenous groups in Argentina. On 19 July 1924, she survived the Napalpí massacre, and was believed to be the final living survivor.

In 2018, as the final survivor of the Napalpí massacre, she provided an important eyewitness testimony to the tragedy. At this time, her age was estimated to be 110, although she herself was unsure about her exact age.

2018 English article
Rosa Grilo is more than 100 years old. She doesn’t know exactly how old, but she remembers that she was a little girl on July 19, 1924. She also remembers the noise of the plane that flew low and threw candy from the air, and that when her people ran after it they were shot with a machine gun.

“They thought it was goods,” things they could use, she says. “My grandfather said: ‘Don’t go,’ that plane is carrying the bomb, we must run away.”
But “the people went to get the goods, and when they were all together they dropped the bomb,” she recalls.
Her grandfather’s precautions saved Grilo. She is the last survivor of the Napalpí massacre, a manhunt that ended with 500 indigenous Qom and Moqoit people shot and hacked to death.
Grilo, a Qom woman, lives with her children in a rural area of the province of Chaco, in northern Argentina. Her voice was heard on a recording this Tuesday at the beginning of an unprecedented trial in Latin America, which aims to shed light on what happened in Napalpí, a municipality of Chaco where indigenous people were confined to a mission, known in Argentina as reducciónes.

Rest in peace.
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