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Oldest People Ever in Peru

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Oldest People Ever in Peru (as of 29th July 2022)
(documented or partially documented SCs)

1. Horacio Celi Mendoza (Piura, Peru) (3 January 1897-25 September 2011), 114 y. 265 d. (pending)
2. S. R. C. (Peru) (22 May 1909-21 July 2021), 111 y. 60 d. (pending) 
3. Mariana Effio Espinoza de Giraldo (Lima, Peru) (12 February 1906-16 December 2016), 110 y. 308 d. (pending)
4. Zoraida Ormaeche Rojas (Lima, Peru) (23 February 1901-2 November 2011), 110 y. 252 d.

5. José Guillermo Mogollón Muñoz (Tumbes, Peru) (b. 11 June 1910-12 February 2021), 110 y. 246 d. (pending)
6. Marcelo Ajalcriña Bonifacio (Ica, Peru) (14 January 1907-21 August 2017), 110 y. 219 d. (pending)


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Victor Chanca Santos (Born 14 July 1910) is still alive and currently one of the oldest living men in the world. (Although he is still not fully documented, but his age is probably correct).


Video on 18 July 2022:

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@dejan he claims to be 113 and born on 28 Jul 1909 in the video.

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@930310 It is probably 28 July 1910. (There is no reliable source about 14 July 1910/ it is probably 28 July).

(In the video it is enlarged, as journalists and individuals usually add).

This source is a bit more recent:


Best to check what the documentation says, (1909 or 1910), I don't know...

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Last night I had a dream that scientists had discovered a mutation in Mr. Victor Chanca's genes. This mutation allowed scientists to slow his aging process with the help of some type of supercomputer. It also allowed scientists to take some of Mr. Chanca's genes and inject them into other people. (Again with the help of a computer). At the end of the dream, I was transported far into the future where the average person's lifespan was 200 years, and Mr. Chanca was still alive at over 1,000+ years. Obviously this kind of thing is only in fairytales, and again just a dream, but I think this dream might be symbolic for something. Perhaps one day in the future, doctors can extend longevity through gene mutation. 1,000 year lifespans seems quite far fetched, but I believe around 150 years is possible. Nor anytime soon, but maybe within the next 300 years? What do you guys think this dream could possibly mean? Maybe Mr. Chanca's genes do hold some secrets to living a very very long time...

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Died on 8/23/22 in Los Angeles, California, USA Francisca Monge Vega, claims she was born on 11/1/1910 in Chancaymarca, Cusco, Peru, if the date is correct, she would be the oldest woman in Peru and the 2nd oldest person in the country, the oldest woman in Peru is Luzmila Bermejo de Garcia born 10 October 1912 in
Chulucanas, Morropon Province

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