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"She sees well, thinks and knows how to drive: the story of Candida, license renewed at 100 years..."

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When she went to the driving school for the renewal of her license, no one had any doubts, despite the 100 years of life behind her .

Candida Uderzo, a sprightly old age from Breganze, near Vicenza , sees very well, thinks great and knows how to drive the car well. So the woman had her license renewed for another two years , without any problem.


“I've always driven. I like to be independent - she confides - also in order not to weigh on my son. This renewal makes me happy and will make me feel free a little longer ”.

She feels in perfect shape: “I'm lucky. I am 100 years old, being so healthy amazes me too. I never take medicines, at most every now and then a few tablets to sleep ".

The only misfortune that has happened to her is that she lost her husband as a young man . At that moment the turning point. “I thought that staying alive meant enjoying it to the full - he explains -. And don't give up on anything. First I started to march . I used to go for long walks with friends. it has helped me a lot in overcoming grief. Once I retired, I joined the Laverda walking group in Breganze. And from that moment I have no weight an exit. Every Sunday at 6 you will find me at the door of the house ready to leave ”.

Vicenza license renewed at 100 years (unionesarda.it)

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