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Tanzilya Nasihanovna Bisembeyeva (RUS, 1896?-2019)

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Mrs. TNB was a Russian woman who claimed to have been born on 14 March, 1896 and died at the age of 123 on 25 October 2019. According to the sources her case provides (And I can't believe the original source actually says this), she had her first child at age 53 followed by 2 more children later on. Case DEBUNKED!


I cannot find any plausible dates when she may have been born, but given the fact that she said her earliest memories were from 1917, she was probably born between 1910 and 1913 and was more likely to be in mid to late 100s when she died, NOT 123. How could she not have any memories prior to being aged 21? And since she married in around 1939, it would seem even more plausible she was born in the early 1910s. Just my thoughts on this, but she certainly was NOT 123.

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