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Just wanted to let everyone know some research I found debunking certain longevity claims. I know in some cases, the age itself is enough to debunk, but here's some solid evidence. I hope this can kind of clean up the gerontology .fandom .com site. If someone could please remove these cases from the website, it would be really helpful in weeding out the fully false cases. I also would like to prevent other people from falling into believing some of these cases as I did before I knew better.

Here they are.

Li Ching Yuen, M, 256 - Although there are sources supporting his story, not one piece of evidence has been found to prove that this man even existed. He is often referred to as the "good luck man", to which I find it suspicious that a lucky number in China is 8, to which his age is 8 to the 3rd power.

Tsorzh Sanzhazhav, M, 209 - Was discovered in the 2010s to actually be a mummy.

Amozdie, F, 199 - Claims to have had an 88 year old son, making her a mother at 111. Scientific impossibility.

Mahashta Murasi, M, 183 - Original source comes from a site that promotes satire or false stories.

James Olofintuyi, M, 174 - I found on Facebook that apparently he died in 2018 and at the time his youngest "biological" son was 29. Scientific impossibility. Probably more likely 74 and not 174.

Joice Heth, F, 161 - Was actually a robot used in a sideshow.

Joseph Surrington, M, 160 - Claimed to have lived to the age of 160 and died leaving 2 sons, one aged 9 and the other 103. I found that the original source comes from an old book of "made up tales" for entertainment purposes, and the original story lists his name as Niels Paulsen. I came to the conclusion that Joseph Surrington is made up due to the fact that our fictional Niels Paulsen lived to the same age, died the same year, and had 2 living sons the exact same age. No Joseph Surrington or Niels Paulsen ever existed.

Tom Parr, M, 152 - Records confused with that of his grandfather.

Katherine Fitzgerald, F, 140 - I found the original source in the same book of "made up tales" which states she died after falling out of a cherry tree.

Jackson Pollock, M, 125/129 - Claimed to have lived between 1866/1869 and 1995. However there are census records that show his father was actually born in 1860. So it is impossible he was the age claimed.

Carmelo Flores Laura, M, 123 - Only 107 according to multiple reliable sources.

William Duberry, M, 121 - I found a research group called the Calment Project who debunked this case.

Jose Delgado, M, 121 - Debunked already by research groups.

Mary Duckworth, F, 121 - Debunked by the same Calment Project.

Emma Begay, F, 119 - Debunked by the same Calment Project.

Sara Corzo, F, 118 - Multiple reliable sources say the real Sara Corzo was an accidental victim of identity theft and mistaken with the older Sara Corzo. Not 118.

Jesus Arenas, M, 118 - According to multiple reliable sources, he was actually found to be using the birth certificate of his younger brother and is only 102.

Andrew Hatch, M, 117 - According to a census project that has reliable credibility, this man did not appear in any census until 1930 instead of his claimed birth year of 1898. So he was actually 85 when he died, not 117.

Zhang Meiyu, F, 117 - I found several people on the death forum site that claim she is a "fraudster", and she does look suspiciously young.

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Good feedback Aquanaut_Chalk.

It was humorous to read that Joice Heth was actually a robot🤪.

Not something our research teams run into very often I sure.😀

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It was recently said that John Harry Smith from Canada, born 11/Apr/1912 and died 13/Apr/2022 was an imaginary person used by a software testing site, but I have not found the source of this information, other than the forum that I saw